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BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd

Identification of the liable Company:

Please be informed that BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd,  (hereinafter the “Company“), established its domicile in Thane. Maharashtra – 401506 India and is liable for the treatment, protection and confidentiality of personal data provided.

The most important to BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd, (Hereinafter BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd), are its members, clients, candidates, suppliers and employees, so it cares and looks after the personal data that are provided through its website “ ” (hereinafter the” website ” ), and the different means in which data is collected, therefore we provide this Integral Privacy Notice (hereinafter the” notice ” ), which aims to strictly comply with the principle of information and the principles of legality, consent, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and accountability.

Personal Data Requested

BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd might collect the information described below by; electronic formats, Email, or the website, which has been divided by categories for a better understanding of them and that are described in detail in the integral notice , short , and simplified privacy notices, which you are able to find on the Website (

The present notice would apply in a general way to all the data collected by BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd, either for candidates, employees, and users of the website, suppliers, customers, prospective candidates, clients, or any other individual who provides personal data to the company.

The personal data requested by BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd are the following:

  • General ID Data: Full name , address, email , affiliation to IMSS , immigration status , tax ID, age, personal references , telephone , marital status labor data, (company name, salary, CV and telephone) , proxy letter (in case of not being the owners of the real state) photography .
  • Financial Personal Data: personal credit history, credit card data.
  • Sensitive Data: BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd do not collect sensitive data of its clients, supplier’s job applicants, employees.

The requested data had been subjected to a strict minimization process, in order to request only for the necessary, relevant, accurate, and up dated data which are related to the purpose of its treatment.

Purposes of Processing your Personal Data

In this section you will have access to a list of the specific and objective purposes for the processing of your personal data, which has been elaborated without inaccurate, ambiguous or vague phrases for a better understanding.

The information collected by BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd is used for a better understanding of your needs and interests and also helps the company to provide a uniform and personalized experience to their candidates , employees or clients.

For mainly and necessary purposes

General ID data:

To contact you and include your data in the CRM database in order to provide recruitment services, staff selection, provision for services in general, as well as to contact you for jobs positions for which you may be eligible.

Likewise with the purpose or carrying out a recruitment and selection process of candidates and employees for BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd or in benefit of any of its clients.

To get to know the labor experience, skills , aptitudes , professional situation of candidates and their professional references, in order to place them in the vacancy needed by our clients.

To obtain information about vacancies and their specifications, technical experiences, required causes for replacement, professional planning, compensation payments or short, medium, and long-term plans of our clients.

To transfer the data of our candidates to our clients and of our clients to our candidates, this data would be used to find job vacancies that fit the profile of our candidates and clients, and know the profile of their employers and candidates, and their respective requirements.

To comply with the contractual obligations of employees, commission agents, or independent professionals established with BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd, in which case the data will be processed exclusively to fulfill the purposes subject to the legal relationship established between them;

Getting to know your profile in order to evaluate the possibility of establishing a labor relationship with us or with our potential clients, this is necessary in order to determine your profile and successfully complete the selection process.

Financial Personal Data:

Financial data are collected basically when BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd work with clients in the financial sector and requires candidates which have a good track record and an also a good credit background at the credit bureau.

Secondary purposes:

General ID data:

To carry out researches, analyze reports, statistical evaluations, and professional profiles, surveys regarding the quality of services provided to candidates, employees and clients. Necessary service communications to provide and improve services and technical assistance.

To communicate with you in order to let you know about new, services or benefits that may be of your interest.

To allow you to participate in contests and surveys.

Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties

CRM Provider could perform national or international transfers of personal data to third accountable parties. The International and domestic transfers we make are the following:

Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties


  1. Survey Companies For making satisfactory surveys and be able rating services provided by the Company.
  2. Our Clients / Candidates In order to carry out the necessary studies to integrate their records in the selection process and respond to the needs of their job vacancies.
    To obtain info about vacancies and their specifications, technical experiences, required causes for replacement, professional planning, compensation payments and business plans of our clients.
  3. Our accounting firm To establish an accounting record.
  4. Technology providers In order to provide a personalized service, and to establish technological measures for the protection of our security databases.

In all of these cases, the third accountability party that receives the information, has assumed in a previous way the same obligations, with respect of the management and care of the data, this in accordance with the instructions of CRM Provider and the provisions of this privacy notice. Therefore the third liable party is forced to maintain strict confidentiality of the personal data transmitted and to protect them under the same or similar security measures.

Therefore we assume by further browsing our website you authorize us  to the transfer of my personal data, according to the terms of this privacy notice.

If you wish not to authorize the transfer of my personal data, according to the terms of this privacy notice, request you to close the website immediately.

For any concerns related to privacy please contact our legal team at the following email:

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The statistical information collected by the cookies, is obtained when a user visits our website, through Google Analytics.

We inform you that we use cookies and web beacons in order to obtain personal information, such as the following : i ) The type of browser and operating system used ; ii ) The web pages you visit pre- and post- entry form to the our web site; iii ) The links you visit and time you stay on our web site ; iv) Your IP address; v) Place from which we visit and browsing statistics.

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The information provided through the website will be supported in a “cloud” in which the information would be hosted the information and data, which is exclusively property of BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd.

Exclusion of liability

Our website may contain links, hyperlinks or hypertext “links”, banners, buttons and / or Internet search tools that when used may transport the users to other portals or websites that could be owned by third parties. BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd does not control such websites and is not responsible for the privacy notices they hold, or for the lack of them, the personal data that users may provide through these portals or sites apart from or website should be under their responsibility, therefore you should take the appropriate safety measures.

Means through which the Company will inform the changes or amendments to the privacy notice.

BIC Chemicals & Packagings Pvt Ltd reserves the right to make changes and updates at any moment to this Privacy Notice, however, it has an obligation to inform you, as the owner of personal data, the publication or release of new versions of the privacy notice through the following:

The website located at or by email to any addresses that you have registered with us.