Plastics Division

High Performance. High Quality.

Our Plastics division has been catering to the domestic & International market for 12 years now and has created a reputation of Quality & Commitment. With our vision to be the one stop shop for all your Industrial packaging needs we have started production of 220 Litre HDPE drums in May 2012.

State-of-Art energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies have enabled us to meet International specifications for our products. Keeping up with the fast paced technological changes we have ensured that our machines use latest technologies and are PLC controlled with programming options which allow us to control the thickness of the articles at desired points there by increasing the overall strength of the articles.

We follow stringent quality practices which ensure that our products are strong and robust enough to withstand extreme handling. Our containers can be used to safely transport liquid and powder/solid materials to be used by Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food industries.

Our drums are certified for export packing as per Indian Institute of Packaging. We have a wide range of products with different sizes, capacities & colors. Please browse through our product catalogue to view our products.

Why Us

  • International Designs
  • UN approved for D-G packing
  • Good stacking strength
  • Designed for optimal loading in a container
  • Manufactured using Virgin HDPE granules

Plastic Division Products